Keithley, 224

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Keithley, 224
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Product description
The Model Keithley 224 programmable current source was designed for general purpose bench or system use. The increment/decrement function is manual or automatic, and selectable dwell times provide stepped ramp capabilities. The Model 2243 IEEE-488 option is field installable. It allows flexible programming including current, V-LIMIT, local lockout, service request masks, and serial polling. A digital I/O port on the IEEE-488 interface card provides four TTL compatible input and output lines. The status of the I/O port can be interrogated and changed over the bus. The AUTO function allows automatic incrementing or decrementing of the output. Time per step can be set from 50ms/step to 999.9s/step. In some applications, it is necessary to limit the voltage across the device under test. The Model 224 offers compliance limit settings ranging from ±1V to ±105V in 1V steps. An SRQ on V-LIMIT can be programmed if the 2243 IEEE-488 option is installed. A blinking LED indicates V-LIMIT or bench operation.
  • Display: 0.5 in LED digits, 4½-digit signed mantissa, 1-digit signed exponent
  • Maximum Allowable Common Mode Voltage (Output or Output Common to Chassis): 250 V rms, DC to 60 Hz
  • Increment/Decrement: automatic, manual or trigger modes
  • Range of Dwell Times: 50 ms to 999.9 s
  • Output Load: Output load must be non-inductive
  • External Trigger: TTL-compatible External Trigger Input and Output
  • Output Connections: Teflon® insulated 2-lug triax connector (specialty connector 30JR121-1) for output; five way binding posts for GUARD, OUTPUT COMMON and CHASSIS GROUND; BNC (chassis isolated) connectors for EXTERNAL TRIGGER INPUT and OUTPUT
  • All connections on rear panel
  • Load Regulation V/C 0.1%
  • Other Features < 0.01%
  • Output 1Volts/ Max. Current: 105V - 100 mA
  • Total Power 10.5W
  • Max current: 100 mA
  • Interface: GPIB
  • Max. Voltage: 105V
  • Min. Voltage: DC