Keithley 236 Source-Measure Unit SMU 110V 100mA

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Keithley 236 Source-Measure Unit SMU 110V 100mA
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Product description

The 236, 237, and 238 Source-Measure Units (SMU) are fully programmable instruments, capable of sourcing and measuring voltage or current simultaneously. These systems are really four instruments in one: voltage  source, current source, voltage measure, and current measure.


These instruments address a wide variety of applications, including the characterization of semiconductor devices and the measurement of leakage currents or insulation resistance. They are particularly useful as source and measuring  instruments in automated test equipment (ATE).

Wide Dynamic Range

The Model 236 will source voltage from 100μV to 110V, and current from 100fA to 100mA. It can also measure voltage from 10μV to 110V and current from 10fA to 100mA. The Model 237 offers the same capabilities with a decade enhancement in voltage source and measure (1100V). In this higher voltage range, current source and measure is 10mA maximum. The Model 238 offers a decade enhancement in current source and measure (1A). In this higher current range, voltage source and measure is 15V maximum.

  • LOAD CAPACITANCE: Stable into 20,000pF typical.
  • REMOTE SENSE: Corrects for up to 2V drop in each output lead. Maximum 1k ohm per sense lead for rated accuracy. Residual output resistance (as a voltage source) is 0.5ohm.
  • GUARD: Output Resistance: ≤12kohm.
  • CONNECTORS: Outputs: 3-lug triax.
  • Trigger Input/Output: BNC
  • Max Voltage: 110V
  • Max current 100mA
  • Max current: 100mA
  • Digit: 5
  • Max. Voltage: 110V