Fluke 515A Calibrator VAC VDC Ohm

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Fluke 515A Calibrator VAC VDC Ohm
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Product description

The Fluke Model 515A enables the field checking and/or calibration of the DCc voltage, AC voltage and resistance ranges of high accuracy voltmeters and multimeters. The model 515A provides standards for dc voltage,ac voltage and resistance which maintain the basic accuracy over the temperature range of 23°C +/- 5°C. 

DC voltage outputs are selectable in the ranges of 0-999 microvolts(continuous), 100 millivolts to 1 volt in 100 mV steps, 1V to 10 V in 1 volt steps, and 100 V.

AC voltages are selectable 1,10 and 100 Vrms at 400Hz, 10Vrms at 4kHz, and 10Vrms at 50kHz. Resistance is selectable at zero, 10, 100, 1k,10k, 100k, 1M, and 10 Mohms. All push button selection switches are mechanically interlocked so that only a single function can be selected.

  • Frequency range: 4 kHz 50 kHz
  • Type of calibration: VAC VDC ohm
  • Resistance: 10 to 10Mohm
  • Voltage: 100V
 € 380,00